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What IS VancouverUSA.biz?

VancouverUSA.biz is an online business directory, promoting businesses in Clark County, Washington. The yellow pages of a phone book list various businesses in print form, providing ads to promote those businesses. We provide the same type of information via the Internet, concentrating on our specific geographic area, which is Clark County and its environs.

What does VancouverUSA.biz actually do?

We bring potential customers and businesses together by providing a concise, easy-to-use single source of information. Our responsibility is to make the public aware of you, and to assist in bringing new customers to your business.

As an advertiser, you have the opportunity to present your products and services to the public and to invite them to do business with you. It is our policy NOT to compete with our advertisers in any manner, so VancouverUSA.biz does not sell anything, except advertising space. We put the spotlight directly on you.

How Do We Do This?

By a highly-specialized form of internet advertising, called Local Webvertising™, developed by VancouverUSA.biz.

Local Webvertising™ allows your business to advertise to a highly targeted local area, (in this case Clark County and its environs), via the internet. The internet has great appeal and pulling power. It provides your business with a ready-made source of potential new customers, because people prefer the internet over radio, tv, newspapers, magazines, or the yellow pages.

Potential customers have become used to looking online for business. They EXPECT to find businesses on line. To potential customers it's the OBVIOUS place to find anything.

Local Webvertising™ unlocks the power of the internet for your business, not only by allowing you to be found online, (where potential customers expect you're going to be), but also by putting you in a single, unified location, so they find you much faster and easier.

Local Webvertising™ brings customers to your business by:

  • Getting the potential customer's attention.
  • Creating interest in the products or services you offer.
  • Creating a desire for those products or services
  • Motivating the viewer the viewer to take action by visiting your place of business.

These four elements are essential to both the selling and the buying process.

Your Business MUST Be Represented On The Internet!!

The most recent A.C. Nielsen Ratings reports show Clark County to be one of the most internet-penetrated areas in America. More people use the internet here than almost anywhere else in the country. The report revealed these facts:
  • There are about 350,000 residents in Clark County presently, and that number grows by more than 10,000 each year.
  • Less than 43% of Clark County residents subscribe to either local newspaper.
  • More than 90% of all Clark County homes have at least one computer connected to the Internet.
  • More than 75% of all Clark County residents use the Internet daily, looking for information about LOCAL businesses, shops, merchants, services, and products.
  • Local users go online an average of 9 or more times per week.
  • The average time spent online is about 1 hour per session.
  • Most users prefer the Internet 3 to 1 over newspapers, and more than 2 to 1 over the Yellow Pages.

Your business MUST be represented on the Internet because this is where the majority of our people are looking for you!

Need MORE proof?
Here are just a few of the local businesses viewers have looked for on VancouverUSA.biz recently:

accountants, arcades, athletic clubs, automobiles, bedroom furniture, bookkeeping services, builders, carpets, carpet cleaners, child care, consignment sales, contractors, copy services, day care, decks,fences, glass, grills, home builders, house cleaners, internet designers, graphic artists, health foods, healthy living, pizza, restaurants, RVs, satellite television, toys, windows.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The list is endless. No matter what business you're in, they're probably asking about you!

What It All Means To Your Business:

No matter how much you may spend on newspapers or Yellow Page advertising, if you aren't using the Internet, you are overlooking as many as 75% of your potential customers here in Clark County. These potential customers cannot be reached any other way than online. The Nielsen Ratings prove that.

The internet is not some fad that will soon go away. It's THE way to advertise your business today. Every MAJOR company in America, and most throughout the world, advertise online. Would they do that, if it weren't effective?

If companies like Sears™, Disney™, MicroSoft™, and thousands of other giants are up here, you should be, too!

Why Your Business Needs To Be On VancouverUSA.biz:

We are the ONLY Local Webvertising™ site in this area. We are THE ONLY site that doesn't promote anything except our advertisers. We are dedicated to Clark County business. We promote ONLY Clark County business. No other site does that- none. Thousands of local residents already look to VancouverUSA.biz, and nowhere else.

VancouverUSA.biz is where thousands of your potential customers are already looking for you! If they expect to find you here, doesn't it make sense to BE here?

Why Local Webvertising Works:

  • It expands your business reach within Clark County..

    We've already shown that more than 75% of all Clark County residents prefer the Internet for information.* They come up here looking for shops, stores, businesses, merchants, products and services. Most of these potential customers don't read the newspapers. Most don't use the Yellow Pages, either. Putting your business on VancouverUSA.biz is the ONLY WAY they CAN be reached.
    * A. C. Nielsen Ratings Survey - 04/11/01

  • It's more effective than newspaper advertising..

    There are limitations in regular print advertising: The size of the ad, where to run it, how often to run it, what to say in it, are all limited by space, time, and cost- especially cost.

    Very few businesses can afford to run ads on a daily basis. Unless you have a very big advertising budget, or you can co-op, it isn't even feasible to think about. And no matter how carefully you plan, it's still a gamble. You have no way of knowing how many will see it, let alone how many will actually read it.

    If you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on newspaper advertising, and it ends up in the bottom of the canary cage, or wrapping the garbage, how effective is that for you? How many new customers did it draw into your business? Studies show newspaper ads have a very short appeal- 3 to 5 days at most. That's why you have to continually run them.


    But viewers who come to VancouverUSA.biz come here LOOKING for ads! That's what this site is about, and it's what they expect to find. How many people pick up a newspaper just to read the ads?

  • It's more effective and a lot less expensive than the Yellow Pages.

    A lot of viewers come to VancouverUSA.biz just to see who advertises on our site.

    Nobody reads the Yellow Pages just to read the Yellow Pages! The only time somebody actually refers to them is when they need something in particular. But viewers who come to our site looking for one thing often find other businesses they are interested in.

    VancouverUSA.biz generates interest, even if it wasn't there to start with!

    Not only is it very expensive, as this graphic shows, but even if your ad happens to offer what someone is looking for, it's usually surrounded by several similar ads.

    And size is very important in this form of advertising. Statistics prove most people look at only the biggest ads, believing companies with big ads are more reliable than those with smaller ads.

    What if your business can't afford to place a full-page ad? What if your competition CAN?

  • Local Webvertising "levels the playing field".

    Even if you are a "Mom & Pop" operation, you have the same opportunity to get your message across as the "big guys". And you'll be seen more often, because potential customers don't have to look all over the internet to find you!

  • It promotes local business to local residents..

    Sure it's nice to get business from other places, but most of your customers will come from Clark County. They WILL do business with you, if they know about you. You are as important to local residents as those residents are to you.

    Our viewers know the only businesses allowed to advertise on VancouverUSA.biz are local. That's what Local Webvertising is all about-local business and local consumers coming together via the Internet.

  • It generates more income for your business.

    When viewers see your ad on VancouverUSA.biz, they know you are a LOCAL business. They know you are interested in doing business in our community. You are the kind of business they are looking for. Naturally they're going to come to you first, whenever they need your particular products or services.

    Here's just one testimonial:

    Vancouverusa.biz has brought an element of exposure and convenience to our business that did not exist before.
    New tenants find us from across the U.S. as well as here locally.
    In addition, when we receive calls from other sources (i.e., yellow pages), we can refer them to vancouverusa.biz to see our facility, map and offerings whereas in the past we would typically mail them a flyer. This eliminates that step.
    Often we find ourselves talking to them as they're viewing our facility on vancouverusa.biz and we can answer any questions they have at that moment
    Our business has definitely increased since joining vancouverusa.biz and they are continually doing more to broaden their exposure and ease of access.
    Thank you!
    We look forward to another year of great service and results!
    Joe & Robin Pedron
    Pedron Enterprises Auto, Boat & RV Storage

    Since 1999, local internet advertising has generated an astounding $1,.5,000,000,000000.00 in off-line retail sales. (Yes, that is 1.5 TRILLION dollars!) Itís no wonder major firms like Sears™, Micro Soft™, Disney World™, and thousands of others, like Joe & Robin Pedron, recognize how important and valuable this type of advertising is, and use it.

    The best thing about it, though, is that it works for any size business, from the "big guys" down to the "Mom and Pop" operations.

    VancouverUSA.biz makes it work for your business, too, and best of all, WE do all the work!

  • It costs you LESS than any other type of advertising!

    Can you afford to run a full-page, full-color ad in newspapers every single day for a year? Of course not. But your listing on VancouverUSA.biz effectively gives you the same thing, without any of the limitations we mentioned earlier. And a full year of advertising with us costs less than one quarter-page, black and white ad in the Columbian would cost for a SINGLE insertion.

  • Your potential customers are here!

    That fact is inescapable! The Internet has become so important to business that every economist urges businesses to get online now, if they want to get past the current economic downturn, and survive 2012.

    That's why you need Local Webvertising™.
    Our Local Webvertising™ Directory gives you all the advantages of being online, with none of the disadvantages! We unlock the power of the Internet to arouse the interest of potential customers, create a desire within them for what you offer, and motivate them to do business with you.

    And WE go out and promote your business FOR you!

    What Local Webvertising™ On VancouverUSA.biz Provides For your Business:

    • A custom-designed web page, complete with logo, pictures, graphics, and text. We tell your story your way.
    • An interactive email page, with filters and blocks to prevent spammers from using it.
    • A "Thank You" page. Put coupons or discounts here as a reward or thank you for your customers or as an incentive to visit your store.
    • Listings in up to 10 separate categories, all accessible from our front page.
    • A custom banner that rotates on the Front Page and links directly to your page, for even more exposure.
    • FREE targeted links to any web site you may have.
    • A 24 hour a day, 7 day a week opportunity for your business to be seen. There are no time clocks on the internet. There is no particular "best" time to see your ad. ANYTIME is the right time! It's just effective at 3:00 a.m. as 3:00 p.m. People view the internet around the clock!

    Why You Need To Be Listed On VancouverUSA.biz Now!

    Because Local Webvertising™ is not something you can think about doing in the future. This is not a "wave of the future" -it's here now. Progressive businesses throughout America recognize Local Webvertising™ as the best method ever created to reach the largest possible audience, at the lowest possible cost. It's estimated that 75% of all internet advertising is already done this way.

    You are losing potential customers every day you're not on board.

    Think about that for a moment. Potential customers are looking for you on VancouverUSA.biz right now as you read this. If they don't find you on our site, they aren't going to do business with you- they will go to the businesses they DO find.

    Can you afford to lose even ONE potential customer?

    VancouverUSA.biz is the ONLY place on the Internet dedicated exclusively and entirely to Clark County business. No other site-not one-can make that claim.VancouverUSA.biz is where people are looking, and where they will continue to look.

    If you want to reach them, this is the ONLY place to do it.

    Contact us today! Either call us at (360) 448-7657, or fill out the form below. Do it right now, before it slips your mind. Every day you aren't on VancouverUSA.biz you're losing potential customers!

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